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Charged with racing on a highway, you will be subject to points on your license and a
substantial fine, not to mention what your insurance company thinks when they see your
ticket for racing on a highway here in NJ.  Not to worry, our lawyers can help.  This ticket
is similar to a speeding ticket in name only because racing on a highway in New Jersey
does not even require the operator to actually be speeding just racing either for a speed
record or with another vehicle.  This is a common ticket for people with fast cars or

If court appearance mandatory is checked on the bottom of your ticket additional penalties
such as jail or loss of license may also result from a conviction. The Points associated alone
with this ticket can cost you dearly on your insurance, furthermore it is not uncommon for
insurance companies to even drop your coverage.   Don't let this happen to you, call our
office at 1-800-9-RIGHTS and set up a free office consultation to see how our experienced
trial lawyers can help you.  

Unlike other firms we are not a general practice.  He handle on criminal and municipal
court matters.  Each attorney is fully experienced and has handled thousands of cases in
the municipal courts of the State of New Jersey and knows how to get the not guilty
verdict you need.  Don't wait, call today for a free in office consultation and keep your low
insurance rates.
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www.GetNotGuilty.com "our name says it all"
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