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When You Need to Win
Your NJ Drug Charge

  • Possession of any Prescription Drug: not legally prescribed
    for your use by a doctor: From 180 Days up to 5 Years in Jail,
    most cases we can eliminate the jail and community service
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: (spoons, needles etc.) :
    Up to 180 days in Jail, Probation, fine and more. In Most cases we
    can keep you out of jail, and eliminate jail.
  • Possession of Cocaine, Crack or Heroin: First Offense Up to
    5 years in Jail $35,000 Fine, Community Service, Probation, loss
    of drivers license.  In Most cases we can downgrade or reduce
    these penalties and keep you out of jail.
Summarized Penalties for NJ Drug Charges
Whether you face a Simple Charge of
Possession of Marijuana or a Federal Charge
of Distribution of Cocaine or Heroin, We can
help you Win.  We have eliminated Jail,
License Suspensions and even the affects of
a criminal record for our clients!

Unlike other firms we do not handle: divorce,
bankruptcy or real estate matters.  We
handle only Criminal and Municipal Court
Matters.  Each attorney in our office has
handled well over 1000 matters and if you
choose Attorney Aalsberg he has handled
over 11,000 charges.   Attorney H. Scott
Aalsberg has over 28 years of experience
and a 98%* success rate of winning, reducing
or eliminating the penalties for his clients.  
Unlike other firms we do not hire attorneys
just out of law school.  Each criminal lawyer
must be proven and experienced before he
or she gets to be part of our legal team and
work on your Drug Charge.  If you need a
NOT Guilty verdict or the best outcome for
your drug charge you really only have one
name to remember and that's Attorney H.
Scott Aalsberg, Esq.
History of Integrity:

Since 1992 our NJ Criminal Lawyers have
helped over 11,000 people get the best
possible result for their case.  We have a 100%
record of being ethically responsible.  No
Attorney while working with our firm has ever
been sanctioned by the court for improper
conduct or held in contempt.  Our head Attorney
H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq. has been awarded
numerous awards and commendations and has
been endorsed by more than 200 other lawyers
nationally for his achievements.

We will fight for your rights, but we can't do
anything without you taking the first step to call
and setup your free in office consultation.   
Even if you think your guilty, we can explain how
even in the most difficult cases we may be able
to win by exploiting the many loop holes and
mistakes the police and prosecutors make on a
daily basis.  These mistakes may be the
grounds for the dismissal, reduction, downgrade
or a not guilty verdict for your criminal drug
charge.  The results that you get for your case
will stay with you and effect you for the rest of
your life so be smart today and call us.

You Deserve
The Best Drug
Charge Defense Call
Free No Obligation, Private
In Office Consultation
    1 Year to Life,  Imprisonment
    depending on charge and
    quantity of illegal substance.

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The New Jersey Drug Charge Lawyer
We Get Results!  Whether you have been charged
with a simple drug possession charge for carrying a
joint to a complex federal drug charge
you will be
saddled with the negative effects of a drug
conviction for the
rest of your life
Once convicted of a Drug Charge in the State of New
Jersey you will have a criminal history.  This criminal
history will be reported on the NCIC or CCH
database.  This is a criminal record that can ruin your
chances of getting that all important job, getting
financial aid for school, a loan or even permission to
visit a foreign country.  Don't let this happen to you.  
Many defenses exist, call attorney H. Scott Aalsberg,
Esq., now to set up a free in office consultation to see
how we can help change the worst day of your life into
just the next day of your life.  Attorney H. Scott
Aalsberg has a 98%* success rate of winning,
reducing or eliminating the penalties our clients face
in drug cases.  But you must take the first step and
setup your free in office consultation.  Attorney
Aalsberg was ranked one of the Top Ten Lawyers by
the National Academy of Criminal Defense Lawyers for
Attorey Aalsberg to get you the best result.
H. Scott Aalsberg Esq. has been
Selected as one of the Top 100 Trial
Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers
*98% Success Rate to Win, Reduce or Eliminate the penalties is based on the maximum penalty the client could have faced based on the original drug charges.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and all drug offense charges are unique.  Past
performance is not indicative of future performance please consult one of our NJ Drug Charge Lawyers on what the expected outcome for your case may be for possession or distribution of Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Percocet, Suboxone, Prescription Drugs etc.
H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C.
98% Success Rate of Winning - Reducing or Eliminating the Penalties for All NJ Drug Charge Offenders
How does Attorney Aalsberg have such a high success rate in Heroin, Marijuana, and Prescription Drug charge cases?  Because he use
defenses other criminal defense firms aren't even aware of to win his cases.  For example Attorney Aalsberg has been successful getting
some of his clients charged with possession of marijuana, heroin and percocet dismissed or downgraded using the NJ overdoes and
protection act 2C:35-30, 31.  This act makes it illegal for the police to charge or even arrest someone for possession of a controlled
dangerous substance if that substance was found because of, or as a result of someone seeking help for an overdose.  This act even
applies to third parties who are helping that person who overdosed seek medical attention.  Of course we have provided here only a
course interpretation of the law but many defenses exist to a NJ Drug Charge, but without a skilled lawyer on our side you have no
defense and you will be found guilty.  Don't let this happen to you.  The cost for the best in legal representation may not be cheap but the
results will be priceless because a criminal record in the age of the internet never goes away even with an expungment!
herein has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.  
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