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If you have been charged with Failure to Report an Accident (39:4-130) in NJ you face
losing your drivers license along with a fine of up to $100.00 plus court costs.  Although the
fine may be small the loss of your NJ drivers license could cost you thousands of dollars and
even your job.  If you are convicted you could lose your license and think about how you would
go to work, buy food or other necessities. Accordingly a proper defense with a skilled New
Jersey traffic ticket lawyer is needed to minimize the penalties to only a fine when possible.

The skilled traffic violation lawyers at GetNotGuilty.com can help you Win, Reduce or
Eliminate the penalties for your Failure to Report an Accident Ticket  Our firm has represented
over 11,000 clients and we can eliminate or reduce the penalties associated with your ticket.  
We have handled cases in every municipal and criminal court in New Jersey.   Avoid the loss
of your license, with a proper legal defense.  Call us at 1-800-9-RIGHTS or 1-800-974-4487 to
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Failure to Report An Accident Ticket in NJ Penalties:
  • $30 to $100 Fine*
  • Possible Suspension of your Drivers License by NJ MVC
Failure to Report An Accident Ticket is:
*Additional penalties and fines may be levied against any person who suppresses, by way of concealment or destruction of any evidence a violation of 39:4-130.
Failure to Report an Accident is Motor Vehicle Charge in NJ and is commonly tried in the municipal court but may be tried in the Superior Court if other traffic tickets or
criminal violations are alleged.  Please see our NJ Failure to Report an Accident Lawyers for complete detail of all penalties and fines associated with this charge.  
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If you are involved in an accident the law states that you must notify the local police by the
quickest means of communication.  However, your duty does not end once you notify the police,
you must also within 10 days after such accident forward a written report of such accident to the
MVC on forms furnished by the commission.  Many people think that their duty ends once the
police are involved but unfortunately it is not.  Thus, you can be found guilty of a violation of
failure to report an accident in NJ even if you immediately reported it to the police but failed to
notify the MVC.  Not to worry we can help and as long as you were not charged with leaving the
scene of an accident with this ticket it is very rare to have your license suspended for this charge
if you have been properly represented.  Again proper representation is the key and with over 2
years of experience Attorney Aalsberg can help you keep your license and stay driving, but you
must take the first step and call him to setup your free in office consultation at 1-800-974-4487 or
(732) 257-5040.  The call is free the results could be priceless . . .
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