Frequently Asked Questions About
The Free Office Consultation and How it Can Help You!
What will I learn during the Free Office Consultation?
Our attorneys will first review the facts of your case, after learning what happened in
your particular case, the attorney will then tell you:
1) The penalties you face,
2) How a Drug charge may affect your job or immigration status,
2) Explain how we can help you,
3) Explain how we have gotten not guilty verdicts in these types of cases
4) Apply the law to the facts of your case, and
5) Give you an honest evaluation of your cases

How do I setup the Free In Office Consultation?

You may call our office 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 1-800-9-RIGHTS or
1-800-974-4487 and speak to one of our law trained assistants who will arrange a
time to for you to meet with one of our attorneys.  

Why do I need an in Office Consultation?  Why can't I just talk to the
attorney over the phone?

It is true that some so called attorneys offer a free phone or web consultation,
however, you never really know whether you are talking to an attorney or just another
paralegal or someone just looking to get your personal information or credit card
number.  A real criminal attorney will try to avoid phone or web consultations because
they are not secure.  Phone transmissions because they are transmitted by satellite
and microwave lines can be monitored by something as simple as a radio scanner.  
Web transmission can be monitored by anyone with access to the web.  The Law
mandates that an attorney keep your information in the strictest confidence with no
other person (except for employees) allowed to have access to it.  We value your
privacy and thus only offer consultations with our attorneys in our secure private

What time are appointments available?

Appointments are available for the free consultation Monday through Friday between
the hours of 11:00AM and 7:00PM. and Saturday  between 11:00AM and 5:00PM.
After hour appointments or Sunday appointments are available at a reasonable cost
due to the fact that the attorney will come to the office especially for you.

Is the Consultation Private?

Yes, we limit our appointments to one every half hour, to avoid long lines in the
waiting room and to assure your privacy as best as possible

How do I prepare for the Consultation?

Please have a list of questions prepared in order to address the issues most
important to you and have all court documents with you such as the complaint,
summons or ticket you received from the police, if applicable.  Being timely and
prepared helps us to maintain the availability of free consults and assures that you
will receive the most information possible.
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