* Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a high Success rate of winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties for NJ Cell Phone Tickets, associate and per diem
attorneys from our office may not have this same success rate** Additional penalties may apply if defendant was charged with a violation of R.S. 39:4-97.3 and
an accident occurred and/or if violation occurs within 1000 feet of school property or school crossing zone or safe corridor zone. H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C.
Main office address: G-10 Brier HIll Court, East Brunswick, N.J. 08816.  Please consult the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice and Motor Vehicle Laws for
complete details on all fines and penalties for cell phone ticket violations in NJ as the penalties listed in this website are for informational purposes only.  Past
performance is not indicative of future performance and each case is fact sensitive, thus, the need for the in office consultation for the attorney to evaluate your
charge.  Some penalties for using your cell phone in NJ may not apply to out of state residents please consult an attorney in your state of residence for how a
cell phone ticket will effect you. *98% Success Rate to Win, Reduce or Eliminate the Penalties is based on past cases and is not indicative of future
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39:4-97.3:  Use of Cellphones and Electronic Devices in a
Moving Vehicle including ipads, phones, computers, navigation
systems and texting while driving.
Fine of Not Less than $200.00
or more than $400.00
Fine of Not Less than $400.00
or more than $600.00
3rd or Greater Offense: Fine
of Not Less than $600.00 or
more than $800.00
plus up to
90 Days Drivers License
Suspension and 3 Motor
Vehicle Points
What To Do If You Get A Ticket for Using Your Cell Phone While Driving In NJ:
For Third or subsequent offenders: you need a lawyer if you don't want to
face the loss of your drivers license for texting or using a phone.  You face a fine
between $600 to $800 and
up to 90 day suspension of your drivers license.  
Along with the fine you will also receive a surcharge from the state of NJ of up to
$500.00 each year for the next three year if your license is suspended.  Think: If
your license to drive is suspended in NJ how will go to work?  You will have to
rely on friends or family to drive you to work, school or even the grocery store.  
Thus, a third or subsequent offense for use of a cell phone while driving should
be defended with an experienced NJ Lawyer.  

Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., has over 25 years of experience defending
traffic and criminal violations and has been ranked one of the Top Ten Criminal
Lawyer by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Selected as on
one of the The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers three years in a
row and is rated a perfect 10 out of 10 by AVVO Attorney rating service.  Hiring a
cheap lawyer may save you money up front but if you don't get the result you
want any money you spent was wasted.  You cannot return your attorney like a
TV if he doesn't perform so only choose a proven winner. . .  When you get the
best lawyer you get the best results!

For First or 2nd time offender of this ticket: we suggest that you pay the
ticket for the first offense and resolve never to do it again.  For a 2nd offense we
suggest that you think about fighting the cell phone ticket because many
insurance companies look at a 2nd offense cell phone ticket the same as if you
were to get into an accident and will increase your insurance rates accordingly.  
The dilemma is that the cost of representation will be more than the cost of the
ticket and maybe more than your insurance increase.  But, you will be on your
way to that third offense where you can have your license suspended.  If funds
are low and you simply cannot afford a lawyer you can just go to court and pay
this ticket and pay the insurance increase but we urge you not to do this if you
think it is likely you may get this ticket again.  Only by preserving your clean
record now can you make sure that you never face a license suspension for a
third offense in the future.  

The Cost of Representation for the average cell phone ticket in NJ
ranges from $2500.00 to $5,000.00.  The better the lawyer you
choose the higher the cost
.  However, this cost is less than what many
insurance companies may charge for a 2nd or 3rd offense cell phone violation
over the next 3 years.  By hiring a lawyer you may save money but more
importantly you may save the up to 90 day suspension of your drivers license
that a cell phone ticket can lead to.  Only by preserving your clean record now
can you make sure that you never face a license suspension in the future.  
NJ Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer Copyright 2021 HSA PC
What is Considered Using A Cell
Phone or Electronic Communication
Device in New Jersey?
  • A Cell Phone even if off but in your hand
  • Text Messaging
  • Sending an Electronic Message
  • E-mailing
  • Using an Application/Program
  • Using your Cell Phone for Navigation
  • Holding Your Cell Phone in your hand as a
Defenses in NJ to 39:4-97.3 Using or Holding A
Cell Phone or Electronic Communication Device
Include but are not limited to the following:
  • The operator had reason to fear for his/her life.
  • The operator is using the cell phone to report a fire, or police
  • The operator is using the cell phone to report a traffic
  • The operator is using the cell phone to report another
    vehicle which is being driven either recklessly, carelessly or
    in an otherwise unsafe manner.
  • The operator is using the cell phone to report that another
    driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The operator is using a cell phone to activate or de-activate a
    function on the phone.
  • More than 10 years has elapsed since your last conviction for
    this offense is a partial defense to lower the offense number
    for a cell phone ticket.  This will lower a second offense to a
    first and a third offense to a fourth, etc.
  • Good News:  Even if you don't have a defense we can still
    help!  Don't Just Plead Guilty to a Cell Phone Ticket get help
    now and keep your low insurance rates!
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Drive for a Living:
If your a traveling salesperson,
truck driver, taxi driver your
license is your meal ticket and
even a first offense cell phone
ticket can end your career.  

If your employer checks your
drivers license they may decide
to let you go as some commercial
policies consider a cell phone
ticket the same as an accident or
even a DWI.  Don't let the mistake
of holding your cell phone equal
the end of your job we can help!

Attorney Aalsberg has
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Use of a Cell Phone While Driving in NJ is considered distracted driving
by the NJ MVC because driving requires your full visual, manual and
cognitive attention to operate a motor vehicle.  Using a Cell Phone
while driving in NJ is a no-point offense unless you have two prior
offenses.  If you have 2 or more prior offenses each time you are
ticketed for using a cell phone while driving, you will get 3 points on
your drivers license plus up to 90 days loss of your drivers license.  
However, even if you receive no points for this offense on a 1st or 2nd
offense your insurance rates may still increase.  Some insurance
companies, consider using a cell phone or texting while driving the
same as getting into an accident and may charge you as such.
NJ Penalties for Use of a Cell Phone in a MV (car, truck etc.) 39:4-97.3
1st Offense Cell Phone Penalties
2nd Offense Cell Phone Penalties
3rd Offense Cell Phone Penalties
Understanding Previous Convictions for Cell Phone Ticket Violations in NJ
It is not a defense to a cell phone ticket (39:4-97.3) that you previously just paid the fine for a cell phone ticket because "the
penalties were not so severe in the past and that you were not aware of the possible loss of your drivers license."  Unfortunately the
State can change the law, making previous offense count in the future.  However, a step down for your offense number may or
should be possible if ten or more years have elapsed since your last conviction for a cell phone ticket.  
No Aspect of this Advertisement or the Awards/Accolades mentioned
herein has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.  
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