NJ Shoplifting Fines and Penalties if convicted in NJ:
Value of Item(s) $.01 to $200.00: Up to 180 days in Jail, Community Service, and Fine
Value of Item(s) $200.01 to $500.00: Up to 18 Months in Jail, Community Service, and Fine
Value of Item(s) $500.01 to $75,000.00: 3 to 5 Years in Jail, Community Service, and Fine
Value of Item(s) $75,000.00 or Greater: 5 to 10 Years In Jail, Community Service, and Fine
*All Shoplifting and Theft Charges Will Result in a criminal record* which may affect your job, credit rating, increase the cost
of insurance and effect your immigration status.  Help is only a phone call away!
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Fact: Over two thirds of the felons
convicted in State courts were
sentenced to prison or jail.  
Source: U.S. Department of Justice.

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It is not a defense to shoplifting in NJ that you never took the item out of the store: The law on
shoplifting in NJ is so strict that you can be convicted even if you never left the store.  The mere act of concealment
in your clothes, in a bag, or covered mistakenly under a baby stroller or cart has resulted in the actor being
convicted of shoplifting.  The courts have said that a persons state of mind in whether they intended to shoplift is
determined by the resulting and surrounding circumstances not the actors actual thoughts. Many people believe
that if they tell the judge it was a mistake or it was not on purpose they have a defense to shoplifting, not true. The
only time this can be a defense is when a person is diagnosed with a disease such as alzheimer's or dementia.   
Our shoplifting lawyers are trained in knowing when a defense for a New Jersey shoplifting charge is valid and when
a defense is not.  Don't wait until its too late and your in front of the judge and get found guilty of shoplifting.  Let
our experienced New Jersey Shoplifting Lawyers help win your case.  Call 1-800-9-RIGHTS now and get the help
you need to defend your NJ Shoplifting charge.  The sooner you call the more we can do to help.  The biggest
mistake most people make is not hiring an experienced shoplifting lawyer soon enough!
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Defenses to Shoplifting that don't work in NJ:
The item was only worth a few dollars:  It is not a defense to shoplifting in NJ that the item you took was
of little or of almost no value:
Shoplifting charges in New Jersey have been filed against people stealing a dollar store
item.  However, the more that it is shoplifted the higher the penalties. No matter how much we Can Help!
I only took the label off:  Taking a Label or price tag off merchandise in NJ Is considered shoplifting in
 Destruction of an item from its original condition is shoplifting in New Jersey.  You can do this by making a whole in an
item when taking off a security tag, pulling a tag or label off an item or even opening a sealed boxed item.  Most stores will
wait until you try to leave the store with the item but this is not needed.  But don't give up!  Attorney Aalsberg does have a
98% success rate of winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties a shoplifting charge carries.  Call today and set up a
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If you have been charged with shoplifting in New Jersey you may go to jail, even
on a first offense.  Whether you have taken a dollar store item or a $750.00 piece
of jewelry the penalties you face are the same: jail, community service, probation,
and a fine imposed by the court.  The penalties for shoplifting are severe and go
up with the value of the item taken.  A conviction will affect the rest of your life.  
Job opportunities once possible will be harder to get, even traveling to some
foreign countries could be barred for life.  Once convicted of a Shoplifting Charge
in New Jersey you will have a criminal record.  A Shoplifting conviction is a public
record that anyone can see just by googling your name. Don't let a criminal
record ruin you chances of getting that important job, financial aid for school or
even public assistance.  Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg can help even if you did it!  A
proper shoplifting defense in New Jersey will not just look at what you did but the
actions of the store.  But even if the store did everything correct don't worry!  
Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98% Success Rate of Winning, Reducing or
Eliminating the Penalties for all NJ Shoplifting and Theft Charges!  The
shoplifting lawyer you choose can make a difference, choose only the Best!
Community Service
Court Costs and Fines
Commonly Asked New Jersey Shoplifting Questions and Answers:
Q: Can Your Lawyer help me if I am guilty
of Shoplifting?  
Yes, but the sooner you start
your shoplifting defense, the more chances you
have to get the best result.  The wost thing you can
do is to sit home and think about it or cry.  Every
day you wait to start your defense, the harder it is to
Q: Do I Need A Lawyer For My First Court
Date For My Shoplifting Case ?  
No, you never
need a lawyer to go to court and you can represent
yourself but statistically the people who go to jail the
most are 1) those that represent themselves and 2)
people who use the services of a public defender,
don't become a shoplifting statistic.  Your first court
date is the first time the judge will see you and you
want to make the best impression.  If you want to win
you should have an experienced shoplifting lawyer
with you from day one.  
Q: Can I go to Jail for my first offense of
Shoplifting in NJ?  
Yes, but having the best
shoplifting lawyer will help you reduce this chance.  
Obviously a judge will consider the facts of your
case, such as: whether the shoplifting was
accidental or purposeful, whether you have any
prior criminal record and the amount that was
taken in regards to whether it was one item or
multiple items.  Lastly the judge will look at the type
of item taken.  Obviously some who stole jewelry
will be treated differently than someone who had a
hungry baby at home and stole infant formula.
Q: Can Your Lawyer Keep Me Out of Jail If I
did Shoplift?  
No Attorney by law can guarantee
a result and it is ultimately up to the judge in your
case, but Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg the head of
our firm has a 98%* Success rate of winning,
reducing or eliminating the penalties for a
shoplifting case so his record does speak for itself.  
The penalties for a shoplifting charge in NJ range
from up to 180 days in jail to up to 10 years in jail
depending on the amount taken.
Q: Do I Need a Lawyer If I Haven't Been
Charged with Shoplifting yet, but I was
stopped at the store:   
 The Answer is it depend
and you should come in to our office and speak with
one of our Shoplifting Lawyers.  For example, If your
shoplifting charge occurred in Woodbridge New
Jersey, Freehold NJ,  Edgewater NJ or Paramus NJ
these police departments commonly will mail you the
shoplifting complaint and may or may not be arrested
at the scene.  This is because these particular courts
have a large number of shoplifting cases and the
police are back logged from 1 to 4 weeks for
non-violent crimes.  Because shoplifting is classified as
non-violent crime, stores in these towns will generally
just tell you that you will receive a court date or notice
in the mail.  BUT don't wait until you get your court
date for your shoplifting charge as this time can be
used to develop the best defense for you.  Call
1-800-9-RIGHTS now to setup your free in office
Top New Jersey Towns with the highest number of  Shoplifringl Charges filed and defended by the lawyers:  Newark, East Brunswick, Milltown, Spotswood, Woodbridge, Lawrence,
Edison, Linden Bridgewater, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, Jersey City, Paramus NJ, Short Hill / Millburn NJ, North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Clifton, Clark, Elizabeth, Wayne, Secaucus, Deptford,

Plainsboro, Atlantic City NJ, Woodbridge, Union, Rockaway Township NJ, Piscataway NJ and Wall Township New Jersey

Top NJ County courts for our Shoplifting Defense Lawyers: Middlesex County, Essex County, Union County, Morris County, Monmouth County, Passaic County, Hudson County and Bergen County NJ
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Q: How much will I pay in fines for Shoplifting in NJ?  That depends on the amount taken.  For all shoplifting offenses the

For amounts taken up to $200.00 the fine is up to $1000.00
For amounts taken over $200.00 up to $500.00 the fine is up to $10,000.00
For amounts taken from $500.01 to $75,000.00 the fine is up to $15,000.00
For amounts taken over $75,000.01 the fine is up to $150,000.00
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the Awards/Accolades
mentioned herein has been
approved by the Supreme
Court of New Jersey.  
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methodology of each award.
Don't Be Afraid We Can Help.  Sitting home thinking about your case will not change the result only action will.  Unlike other New Jersey Law Firms our office
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*Important: Please remember that each shoplifting cases is fact sensitive and certain facts can increase or decrease the penalties listed above.  Additional
penalties may apply.  Past performance is not indicative of future performance and each case is fact sensitive, thus, the need for the in office consultation for our
experienced new jersey shoplifting attorney to evaluate your case.  Information provided either over the phone or over the internet is not considered secured and
may be monitored and recorded by law enforcement thus the need for a free private in office consultation.   All NJ Shoplifting Penalties listed are accurate as of
the time and date of publication and are subject to change at any time without notice. Some towns may charge shoplifting as a township ordinance such as  
Freehold Township or Piscataway Township but other such as Woodbridge, Edgewater, Jersey City, Millburn, Spotswood, Milltown, Cherry Hill do not.  98%
Success Rate in Shoplifting cases of reducing, eliminating or winning the charges is based on past case and may not apply to your charge. At the law office of H.
Scott Aalsberg we are committed to helping you win your Shoplifting charge.  By law no attorney can guarantee you a result, however by choosing the best
attorney you put the best chance on your side of winning your case. H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C. Main office address: G-10 Brier Hill Court, East Brunswick, N.J.
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